Many of you know that your blood is composed of blood plasma and other cellular material -white blood cell, red blood cells, plasma protein, ionic nutrients, and platelets, and sometimes unwanted natural matter.

Blood consist of three basic components - plasma, white cells, and red cells. The plasma acts as a carrier for the red and white cells. The white cells are part of the immune system and will attack and destroy foreign matter in the blood. The red cells carry oxygen to all parts of your body.

So what is the main function of the red blood cells? One of the main functions of the red blood cells is carry oxygen to every part of your body. This is done through the network of veins and micro veins. Each cell in your body needs oxygen to burn up and converts food that you eat into energy.

The red blood cells are carriers of a molecule called hemoglobin. The function of the hemoglobin's is to hold iron at its center. There is millions of hemoglobin in each red cell. And, at the same time, there are four time the amount of iron in each red cell as there are hemoglobin.

The hemoglobin molecule is carried around by the red blood cells in your blood. The hemoglobin has four iron molecules at its center. This means that there is around 100,000,000 iron molecule in every blood cell. By passing through your lungs, your blood's hemoglobin and its iron can pick up the much needed oxygen for your body.

After oxygen is release toward your cells and muscles, your blood picks up carbon dioxide which is brought back to your lungs where you exhale it. In anemia, you have fewer red blood cells that can pick up oxygen and deliver them to your body.

Iron is an element that you need to build red blood cells. Without iron you cannot form hemoglobin. This is why it is important for you to know what foods you need to eat to make sure you have plenty of iron. When your body has enough iron, iron will be stored in a molecule called Ferritin. When your body needs iron, Ferritin releases it into your blood.

There are many people that are anemic and don't know it. Losing blood slowly without knowing can lead to anemia. If you have any internal bleeding, you can become anemic or if you lose too much blood during your menstrual period. If you have good body iron stores, then you would not have a problem. If you have symptoms of anemia, you need to your physician.

You can also become anemic if your diet is deficient in iron food. This happens in many third world countries. But iron deficiency due to diet is also common in the United States. People who eat an excess of junk food and vegetarians who don't eat much meat can be iron deficient.

Meat is where you can get the best iron. But not all people eat the amount of meat needed to maintain high iron levels. This is particularly true in third world countries or those who are on vegetarian diets.


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