The Benefits of Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage
The Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a massage given to young infants involving tactile and kinaesthetic stroke and rubbing stimulation as a therapy to enhance a baby's cognitive and physical development.

There are a number of benefits for baby during baby massage, but the main benefit is the bonding that takes place between the parent and the baby during the process. It is recommended that babies are massaged with cold pressed, high quality vegetable oils.  The oils should also be without the addition of perfumes or scents as it is important for the baby to get used to the smell of their parents in the early days to help with the bonding process.

  • All the baby's systems are stimulated during the massage.
  • Your baby will learn how to relax and become more calm and content while you massage.
  • Massaging improves your baby's blood circulation and digestion.
  • Massage relieves tummy aches, winds and colic.
  • You can boost your baby's immune system through the massage as it helps to move the lymph fluid around the body, which may clear harmful substances.
  • Massage furthers the development of the digestive tract and the respiratory organs.
  • Research has shown that babies who are touched lovingly become ill less often and cry less often than those who are not.
  • Massage can also improve their sleep patterns, especially when it is done during the bedtime routine.