Step up your footwear game with these must-have styles



Step up your footwear game with these must-have styles

Your footwear is one of those items that people always tend to judge you on. Whether it’s a job interview, a first date or any family gathering, it’s inevitable that people will look at your shoes and sum up their opinions about you. Shoes can say a lot about the type of person you are and your lifestyle.

A functional, comfortable and stylish pair of shoes can be pricey but a poor choice can quickly lead to discomfort. Try to see footwear as a worthy investment. The right shoes for the right situation can substantially impact your personal style and comfort. Not just that, but good quality shoes regulate foot moisture, prevents foot odour, the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, and helps you to save money.

Cheap shoes can cause you unnecessary injury. The amount of weight and pressure that is put on your feet through your activity contributes to your overall health. We can only carry so much weight, and with the right cushioning and support, it’ll make the process easier. So, make sure the shoes you pick are right for your activity and weight, and in turn, look great. Here are the must-have men’s shoes styles:


  • The brown leather brogue

The leather brogue shoe is originally from Scotland and Ireland and has become quite the statement shoe for any smart gentleman. Whether you choose to buy a tan, chocolate brown, russet or chestnut colour, a pair of these shoes will slot seamlessly into your cupboard, complementing any type of outfit. From smart to smart casual, you can dress things up or down with these stylish shoes.


  • The black leather oxford

The black leather Oxford is one of those shoe types that every man who owns a suit should have. Much like the brogue shoe, the leather Oxford is undoubtedly a must-have. This shoe is perfect for any occasion as its elegant look effortlessly complements formal wear and makes a statement. These shoes are different to any other in that they are laced differently, with the laces actually sewn closed underneath the front section of the show, and they are designed specifically to fit below a man’s ankle.


  • The suede loafer

The loafer has gone through phases of popularity but is certainly a casual, smart shoe that should feature in any modern man’s closet. The traditional look and feel of the loafer have been around for years, favoured by many because of its easy slip-on movement and its versatility. The most popular colours to purchase these shoes in are breathable suede in tan, beige or light brown. Much like the previously mentioned brogue shoe, you can easily dress these shoes up or down, and they are suitable for warm or cold days. These shoes are also designed to avoid socks if you want, making the fit even lighter and more airy.


  • The leather lace-up boot

The lace-up boot has come a long way. Although they are designed to withstand heavy weight when walking and hiking, these shoes are both good-looking and strong. Mostly worn for their style and not necessarily their functionality, these boots keep you warm, looking sharp and feeling secure. Because they’re leather, you can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion.


  • The white leather low top trainer

Given the fact that training shoes are now being used for fashion and not necessarily their functionality, a great start to join in on this stylish trend is by purchasing a white pair of low top trainers. Gone are the days where people only used sneakers for training. With such a variety on the market, there are so many styles and brands to choose from. The more comfortable and stylish, the more expensive they are. So, if you’re not looking to spend a large amount of money on a pair of trainers, then something white and leather is just what you need. It works well with casual clothing as well as smart casual.


Final words

A good shoe collection starts with having a few sets of expensive, good quality shoes that you wear properly. Of course, it’s depends on what you can afford which is why there is no golden rule with regards to the ultimate shoe collection. If you want people to take you seriously, then it’s important to consider the best shoe choices for your lifestyle. For example, if you wear suits to work, then the chances of you having a collection of trainers is unlikely. And the same goes for people that prefer to dress down in a casual t-shirt and jeans; smart shoes are not your priority. However, over time, try to invest in these five styles. They’re versatile, comfortable and fit for any occasion.