Shopping Online: a real-life equivalent of The Sims?

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Shopping Online: a real-life equivalent of The Sims?

Almost everyone has had a moment where they wished they could live like The Sims. A world of cheat codes and a variety of options when it comes to furniture and clothing. What if you came to understand the world of online shopping as a real-life equivalent of The Sims?


Moods, needs and wants

Whether we know that shopping online affects our moods or not, science says it does. There is neuromarketing technology that can monitor your subconscious moods when browsing online by watching your face as you mindlessly (but it’s never really mindlessly) scroll through online stores. This is how companies change their strategy and web design layout in a way that makes us more susceptive to adding to basket and checking out. The Sims has a mood bar that is affected by activities being completed or the general environment around them. Sometimes they are also just subconsciously made happy by the simplest things – like art being in the room. Online shopping is not a simple activity and there are various elements to interacting with a web page, but the ability to monitor these reactions with behavioural equipment is a way of viewing our own sims mood bar.

When shopping online, we experience the same needs as sims do, which makes sense seeing as they were designed around humans. But by sitting on the computer for an extended amount of time, we also grow tired, start to smell not-so-fresh and get irritable from doing the same thing for hours. Yes, you’ve been browsing for hours already. In that way, shopping online makes real time go by as fast as it does in sims standard time.



Just like you can quickly change the colours of the shirt your sim is wearing when creating their wardrobe, online shopping normally provides this option as well. It’s slightly different because you only have access to the manufacturer's product colours, but the ability to quickly see the different colour options is pretty instant. Arguably faster than waiting for The Sims to load your colour option. That’s one point to reality and 0 points to sims right there!

Online shopping is basically an entire catalogue of items to buy, and although we generally have to wait 3-5 working days before we get to enjoy our product (unlike The Sims’ instant delivery system) we experience the same instant gratification that they do when their mood boosts from buying new things. Whether it’s bedding sets, sneakers, sunglasses or lounge suites that you’re admiring on your sims game, in the real world there is likely the same and more options available. Also, custom content doesn’t only exist in The Sims.


Cheat codes

The best part about a Sims life, is the Ctrl + Shift + C cheat window. “Motherlode” is the favorite with a 50 000 Simoleons deposit in your virtual world bank account. Must be nice. Now, nothing comes for free in the real world. But, there are ways to make things more affordable and one could consider vouchers and coupons as the real-life equivalent of cheat codes. There are various free online voucher and coupon sites that give you the much-needed discount on the item you want to buy. And it’s kind of a cheat because you’re still getting one up on retailers.   


But wait, there’s more

So, you’ve already been informed on how your current online shopping experiences can relate to your beloved Sims fantasy game. But there are rumours around Amazon wanting to transform the online shopping world into an actual Sims-like experience with the help of augmented reality technology. The concept includes being able to “drag and drop” the virtual item you’re looking at online, into an online simulation of your own home.  

This will change the way online shoppers hesitate to order larger and more expensive items. If they can justify it by seeing it in their own space and judging whether it will work for them from the word go, there’s no reason for them to hesitate at checkout. That will be the ultimate real-life sims experience yet!


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