5 style tips for men to get your wardrobe ready for summer 2017

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men wardrobemen wardrobe


5 style tips for men to get your wardrobe ready for summer 2017

We’re not in summer yet but the cold weather will soon be something of the past. Winter has officially transitioned into spring. It happens every year, that one odd morning when you wake up and realise that the weather has changed and you’ve entered the hot, summer season. As soon as you notice the rainy season is over, it’s time to pack away the dark rain coats and take out the colourful summer clothes.

Let’s face it, many people already know their summer wardrobe will be the same as previous years. However, clothes and colours change as the years go by. In today’s society, you have to keep up with the trends. And wearing clothes from the previous years can make you look boring and uninspired. Summer is the perfect time to be creative with your clothing. So, let that creativity out by following fashion trends. You can add a change to your summer wardrobe by hitting up your favourite online stores. And be brave enough to take the risk.

Do you want to protect yourself from the sun or do you endure it to keep your personal style in place? Well, what if you could have the best of both worlds? Here are a few style tips to get your wardrobe ready for summer 2017.


Invest in good shoes

Yes, summer is all about walking barefoot on the beach, but you still need a good pair of shoes to make a fashion statement. Besides, summer only requires three pairs of essential shoes. To start off with, you need a good pair of loafers with a light sole. This is the sort of thing you need to toe the line between dressed up and dressed down. You can basically think of it as your bread and butter summer shoe. Then, a pair of high-quality leather shoes should definitely be in your wardrobe this summer. White is usually the colour to go for as it’s perfect for off-duty looks. However, you should take care of them as it can get dirty really quickly. The last one is a light lace-up in suede or leather. You can wear that with a suit or even with a T-shirt and chinos in the evening. Flip-flops are out this season, so pack them far away in your cupboard. There are many men’s shoes on the market, it’s best to look at the trendy ones and invest in those.


Light fabrics are the way to go

Winter is all about dark colours while summer is bright and beautiful colours. A mistake many tend to make in the summer months is to wear the same fabrics they did during the winter months. That’s not the way to go. You’re likely to wear a lot of wool, cashmere and tweed in colder months. You can basically wear as much as you want. But in summer, things are a bit different. You should invest in clothes made of a breathable liner, seersucker and fine cotton. Not only will you feel more summerish but also avoid sweating. This is something you won’t regret and it basically means that your winter clothes stay clean and free from perspiration until you need them next year.


Don’t be afraid to let loose

A new trend was introduced to the market a few months ago: fashionable relaxed pants. This trend seems scary to anyone who doesn’t actually work in fashion. But it shouldn’t be. Everyone should see this as an amazing opportunity to loosen up a bit. You can now give your skinny jeans and chinos a break. So, embrace the mood and invest in some pants with a little more room. Your legs will certainly appreciate it. Besides, you can wear these pants in many styles. Whether it’s to the office or on a night out, you can rock it.


There’s nothing like a good pair of sunglasses

Summer is all about the sunshine and spending time outdoors. So, that means you should definitely not leave a good pair of sunglasses behind. The likelihood is you’ll break one pair or leave them behind in an Uber. For that reason, you should invest in more than one pair. Always keep a backup pair of sunglasses handy. There are many trendy sunglasses on the market, choose them according to your personal style and preference. Not only will you make a fashion statement with sunglasses but they’ll also protect your eyes from the light and bright sunny days. Shades will basically finish off your summer look and make you appear more fashionable.


Don’t shy away from light colours

As mentioned earlier, summer is all about colour. This is the season where you leave the dark and dull colours behind. So, you can experiment a bit with newfangled shades. For instance, you can swap out your navy blazer for a bolder blue. This is quite easy to pull off.


So, try these five style tips and you’ll soon be looking the part of a true fashion-forward individual. It’ll also ensure that your summer is anything but boring this year. These five style tips are bound to bring character, texture and personality to any look you choose to create.


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