Tips for shopping online

Tips for shopping onlineTips for shopping online
Tips for shopping onlineTips for shopping online

Tips for shopping online

Shopping online is an amazing thing. There is no limit to what online shopping can supply you. You can buy anything from groceries to shoes, home furniture, music, electronics, clothing and even panties online these days. And it's as easy as a touch of an “add to cart” button, the shopping basket you’ll never have to carry. Here are a few tips to make your online shopping experience all the more worthwhile.


Voucher code sites exist

Find voucher code sites that will keep you updated on the best deals currently running as well as vouchers to use on some of your favorite online stores. This is a great way to save money when browsing online.

To save you the time of googling, Picodi, VoucherCloud, MisterVoucher, and CouponSA are some of South Africa’s most popular voucher and promotion sites.


Leave them hanging

Keeping your items in your cart not only gives you some time to think about how much you really need those pair of shoes, but it will push the retailers to bring you back. No one likes to be left hanging, so they will do anything they can to get you to come back and buy the product. These “anything’s” include contacting you with reminders of the product and related products and sometimes even a discount offer! Only then is it a good time to go back and buy.


There is more than one shopping site

Don’t be quick to buy from the first site you find, or stick to the same site because you’re scared to try something new. There are hundreds of secure and legit online shopping sites and each have their own promotions. Compare prices (there are sites that can do that for you as well) and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Make sure to include the comparison of physical stores with the online store as well.

Create a generic email that you can use specifically for your online shopping purposes. Create accounts, sign up for rewards points, and subscribe to the newsletters and updates and you’ll find that they may send you monthly vouchers or supply you with free downloads and other perks. Your birthday won’t go unnoticed and you’re likely to get a one-time special offer or discount for your special day.


Stay connected

Follow your favorite online stores on social media. If your designated shopping email isn’t connected to your phone (not recommended for the amount of email traffic that will be coming in), staying connected via social media is a quick and easy way to stay updated. You will be informed of sales, new items, and even site updates just by scrolling on social media.

It is also a good platform to enter competitions if you happen to be one of those incredibly lucky people.


Beware of the cookie monster

Monitor the online shopping system and beat it by clearing your browser history and cookies. Some sites use this data against you to and mark up items that they see you’ve looked at before. To evade the cookie monster, try browsing in “incognito mode” where your online shopping weaknesses can’t be tracked and later used against you.  


Stay safe. Use a trusted site

It doesn’t help to have all these tips and tricks but you forget about the safety of your identity and details while online. First of all, make sure you’re using a trusted site. That little padlock on the side of your address bar? You need that.

To ensure your virtual, financial and identification safety don’t opt-in to providing every last detail about yourself when signing up and creating an account. The bare minimum is more than enough information for them to register you as a customer. Be wary of random pop-up advertisements and make sure your computer is equipped with anti-virus software to warn you when something doesn’t seem right.

Preferably you shouldn’t be using the same password for every account, email or social media profile and if you do, it better be a strong one. Make the most of length, numbers, toggle case and overall complexity. Also, if you don’t want your child playing around on your computer and making purchases on your account, remember to logout after a session. Unless you are keeping items in your cart and waiting for a discount, then just be vigilant.


Now you can consider yourself fully armed and ready for the world of online shopping.


Tips for shopping online